Structured Cabling

Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling is the most popular for new installations. UTP is capable of handling both computer and telephone traffic, allowing voice and data to be integrated into a single installation.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic cabling is the accepted medium for backbone cabling due to its unique properties, including higher bandwidth, data security and distance capabilities.

Category 5e & Category 6

Category 5e is capable of handling Gigabit Ethernet to distances of 100 metres. For high volume data and demanding network graphics, Category 6 is available giving speeds up to 10 Gigabit up to 55 metres. Category 6A extends the distance to 100 metres maximum length.

Telephony Over Structured Cabling

A major benefit of structured cabling is the ability to connect telephony equipment and many other services with the appropriate adaptors.